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Friday, July 28, 2017

Stephen, Peter, Rachel, and Kerri attend the 2017 Connaught Summer Institute in Arctic Science

Stephen, Peter, Rachel, and Kerri spent a week at the Nottawasaga Inn in Alliston, Ontario, Canada for the 2017 Connaught Summer Institute (CSI) in Arctic Science. Supported by the Connaught Fund at the University of Toronto, the CSI invites students and speakers from a variety of backgrounds in academia, industry, and government organizations to discuss climate change and the various methods to understand its effects on the Arctic. Prof. Pratt gave three invited lectures on Arctic halogen chemistry and changing aerosol chemistry, highlighting the work of various group members! The 2017 program can be found here.

Stephen, Rachel, and Peter also presented posters on their ongoing research in the Pratt Lab.

<Stephen Poster picture Waiting on pictures to be posted on CSI website!>
Stephen presented his poster on NOx influenced chlorine chemistry in Utqiagvik, AK, results from the 2016 field campaign. He was one of two Ph.D. students to win an Outstanding Poster Award!

<Peter Poster picture>
Peter presented his poster on airborne reactive bromine observations from the 2012 BROMEX study. His poster won the Outstanding Post-Doc Fellow Poster Award!

<Rachel Poster picture>
Rachel presented her work on aerosol chemical composition and mixing states in the winter-spring Arctic.

In our free time, we were able to enjoy some quality mini-golf on the indoor course at the hotel!
Peter was victorious, coming in at a stunning 15 over par final score

Thanks to the Connaught Summer Institute Organizing Team for the invitation and their hard work!